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The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Pittsburgh recognizes that often more can be accomplished as a group than as individuals. Join us to make a significant difference in the lives of women and girls in both the Jewish and general communities.

As a trustee you become a decision maker who is empowered to expand and improve opportunities and choices in the lives of women and girls through strategic grantmaking. Trustees become educated about critical and relevant issues impacting women and girls.

Participation Levels:

•  $3,000  — for women under the age of 45; three-year-term payable over three years;
   payments may continue at $1,000/year until the age of 45 or $10,000 is reached
•  $10,000  — five-year term payable over five years
•  $50,000  — term is lifetime of trustee
•  $100,000 — term is lifetime of trustee and her legatees

Renewal of Terms

Following the initial pledge commitment and terms, a minimum of $1,000 paid annually is required to continue active participation and maintain voting and grantmaking privileges in the JWF. Payments will be cumulative and once the $50,000 level is reached, a Trustee is a voting member for life.

Trustees may choose to allocate a portion of their renewal dollars towards the funds available for the current year’s grantmaking; however, a minimum of $1,000 of the renewal must go into the fund’s endowment. 


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