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2009 Funded Projects

Girls Math & Science Partnership,
a program of the Carnegie Science Center

Jewish Community Center

Magee Womancare International

New Voices Pittsburgh

Squirrel Hill Health Center

Weiner NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Center for Women’s Health

Women’s Center & Shelter

Girls Math & Science Partnership, a program of the Carnegie Science Center

Can*TEEN: A Kit for the Girl Who Wants to Change the World allows girls to navigate each STEM discipline with virtual hosts – avatars, based in part on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, each with unique personalities and interests. Dollars will fund a collaborative between GMSP and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh system to adapt and distribute the Can*TEEN toolkit throughout 90 libraries (17 active CLP branches, 73 county branches). GMSP will create 135 Can*TEEN library kits. This project will serve girls ages 9 - 14 throughout Allegheny County by providing a free, library-based resource that is designed to engage and sustain girls’ interest in science as a career.

Jewish Community Center

Second year of funding from JWF. We Can!™ Ways to Energize Children’s Activities and Nutrition is a Youth Wellness program offered in collaboration with the UPMC Health Plan. Registered as a provider on the We Can!™ website, the JCC will offer three sessions of eight-week courses that help mitigate risk factors contributing to childhood obesity. We Can! ™ is a lifestyle modification program that is effective not just for children and families with weight issues, but for those who are interested in learning good habits by combining physical activities with nutrition counseling for general health. Each participant is assessed prior to and post participation.

Magee Womancare International

Healthy Girls Circle 2010: Youth and Elders Sharing (YES) is designed as an experiential learning process that will empower Somali refugee, teen girls with leadership skills, wellness information and the tools to share it that will be useful in building self-confidence, as well as experience to pursue academic and career goals. Through YES, nearly 20 refugee girls will participate in a peer educator/lay health educator training and health and wellness modules and take this information into their community, reaching out to the elder Somali women who do not speak English and cannot adequately access health information due to language and cultural barriers.

New Voices Pittsburgh

SistahSpeak! Youth Project (SYP) is a sexual & reproductive health, community organizing and mentorship program for young women of color that partners with individual existing girls/youth-serving organizations. SYP serves young women of color ages 12-18 in the City of Pittsburgh and has been developed by young women of color themselves. SYP is important because it teaches human rights to young women of color who often feel powerless to change the conditions of their lives and addresses the hopelessness, invisibility and oppression they experience. SYP is also important because it centralizes the complete physical, emotional, spiritual, political, economic, environmental and social well-being of young women of color.

Squirrel Hill Health Center

Second year of funding from JWF. Funding for the Healthy Teen program will allow the continuation of SHHC’s health education project for adolescents across the Pittsburgh Jewish community. Working in local day schools and one synagogue school over the past year, SHHC staff has engaged young teen girls and their parents in educational programs around the issues of adolescence. The programs are tailored to the philosophical needs of each partner organization, including topics such as nutrition, coping with stress, safe Internet use, conflict management and maturing bodies. The emphasis is on developing long-term habits of healthy living within the context of Jewish values and education.

Weiner NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Center for Women’s Health

Ongoing funding from JWF. Towards A Healthy Future: Health Education for Adolescent Girls is a wellness and health education outreach program that targets 1000 high school girls from throughout the Karmiel and Misgav region. Towards a Healthy Future will be offered to 14 – 18 year old girls in 4 diverse high schools targeting Jewish and Muslim girls, new immigrants, religious and secular, and both privileged and impoverished schools. The Center will design the program to be interactive and culturally sensitive and to complement program offerings through the Israeli education and medical systems. Towards a Healthy Future workshops will be presented in collaboration with the Rape Crisis Center and a team of female, volunteer doctors experienced working with youth and with each ethnic group. Workshop sessions and topics will complement existing resources and often serve as the primary point of such information for these girls.

Women’s Center & Shelter

Dangerous Choices (a curriculum of the Hands Are Not For Hurting School-Based Violence Prevention and Intervention Program ©®) is designed to promote healthy intimate partner relationships and prevent dating/domestic violence. This program includes classroom prevention education, intervention groups for victims and abusers and systems advocacy with the schools where the program is provided. The project will serve 2,330 9th through 12th grade students in 11 high schools through 185 postsecondary domestic violence prevention programs.





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