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2014 Funded Projects

Bethlehem Haven

Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future Benefitting the Jewish Community Center: Year One of a Five-Year Commitment

Hill Dance Academy Theatre

Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society (PROGRESS)

Yeshiva Girls School

Bethlehem Haven

Bethlehem Haven's Emergency Shelter in Pittsburgh has seen a surge in older women seeking shelter and assistance over the past five years.  What was once a rare occasion to see a woman in her 70's or 80's in the shelter is now all too common. The goal of the Housing Intervention Program is to help older, vulnerable women find or maintain safe, stable housing.  

Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future Benefitting the Jewish Community Center: Year One of a Five-Year Commitment

In 2014 JWF created a fund through the Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future to benefit the JCC's Family Place program. Funds will be used for programming to support new families transitioning to parenthood, helping them to build peer relationships and connect to Jewish life and community.

Hill Dance Academy Theatre

HDAT's mission focuses on children and youth, ages 3 to 18 years old, who want to dance, but would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.  The funded program, “It’s Bigger Than Dance” provides the girls with opportunities to develop, as dancers, the social skills that give them confidence and personal esteem to make healthy and successful life choices and a life long love for learning and the arts.

Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society (PROGRESS)

PROGRESS seeks to improve society by teaching women and girls the art of negotiation.  This investment targets girls who live in challenged communities and supports a partnership with the Urban League of  Greater Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Schiller grades 6 through 8 on the north side of Pittsburgh.

Yeshiva Girls School

The economic landscape has changed for Pittsburgh's Ultra-Orthodox women and professional opportunities that previously existed for female students have either vanished or now require a college degree. The school is seeking to bring about long-term systemic change to ensure the financial independence of its students through a STEM education and writing program. JWF's second year of this grant will enable the school to modernize its science laboratory and continue the work to create social change throughout the entire school.




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