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2010 Funded Projects


Eretz Acheret

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

Supportive Community



Empowerment in Healthcare for Women and Girls with Disabilities is an advocacy program focusing on access to health care for Pennsylvania women and girls with disabilities. There are multiple barriers for women with disabilities trying to access medical care. First, equipment such as adjustable exam tables, scales and mammography machines may not be available. Second, medical practitioners may not have experience working with people with disabilities. Third, people with disabilities may require extra time of the practitioners who are already pressed to see many patients in a short amount of time. Fourth, accessible media (ex: large print, Braille, audio) print and electronic materials may not be available for women with disabilities. The National Study of Women with Physical Disabilities by the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities found that “Thirty-one percent [of women] have had a physician refuse to see them because of their disability.” Women and girls with disabilities should have equal access to healthcare resources. The project will create a video on health care topics for women and girls with disabilities that can be viewed online and be distributed on a DVD offline.

Eretz Acheret

Eretz Acheret Special Issue on Prostitution in Israel. Eretz Acheret, a not-for-profit magazine established in 2000 that is dedicated to promoting social change in Israel, will produce a special edition dedicated to the topic of prostitution in Israel. The issue of prostitution, which affects the lives of thousands of women in Israel each year and helps sustain a dangerous human trafficking industry, has received only scant attention in Israel. This project seeks real, tangible outcomes. Eretz Acheret seeks to influence legislation and policy-making by enabling the magazine to be used as a resource, by conducting seminars and workshops for decision-makers, and by having writers, researchers and interviewees participate in Knesset hearings and other high-powered discussions on the issue.

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

Age Up, Not Out. Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JF&CS), in partnership with YouthWorks, is embarking on a new program to provide job readiness training and job/educational placement assistance to youth who are “aging out” of foster care. With help from the Jewish Women’s Foundation, JF&CS will provide additional, intensive career development and awareness services for the young women in this program to help them identify a career ladder, including non-traditional careers, that will lead to long-term economic self sufficiency.

Supportive Community

Economic Leverage Project. The goal of this program is to give economic independence, encourage business entrepreneurship and self-employment as well as enlarge the income of a group of 20 women entrepreneurs who are immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. The Economic Leverage Project addresses challenges micro-business women owners from low social-economic background face by offering them the opportunity to participate in business consultation and guidance, to receive technical assistance and to get access to business financing.


Expect Respect: Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program. Expect Respect is a comprehensive prevention program designed to raise awareness of teen dating violence, teach skills for healthy relationships, develop leadership, and increase safety and respect in schools. This is done by implementing the three main components of Expect Respect; school-wide awareness (includes policy development), leadership teams and support groups. This strategy encompasses the entire school community and creates a yearlong effort to consistently encourage healthy relationships. In addition to involving administration and faculty, this approach is putting the students at the forefront of the work.





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