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2018 Jewish and General Community Grants and Contributions

Jewish Community

Jewish Community Center

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh – Victims of Terror Fund

Jewish Women’s Funding Network

Hillel Academy

Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh

NCJW/Center for Women

NCJW/Center for Women

Tzohar Seminary

Yeshiva Girls School

General Community

Allegheny Health Network

Angels’ Place

Center of Life

Girls Write Pittsburgh


Injured Officers Fund

Planned Parenthood

Ruth’s Way


Three Rivers Rowing

Women’s Law Project

Jewish Community Grants & Contributions

Jewish Community Center — $10,000

Final payment of a five-year commitment to invest in the Jewish Federation Foundation’s Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future, which established a JWF fund supporting the JCC’s Family Place. Interest from the fund will support programs for young mothers and their families, and families in inter-faith marriages, connecting them to their Judaism.

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh – Victims of Terror Fund — $2,500

To help those affected by the attack on October 27, 2018 at Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha, Dor Hadash and New Light congregations.

Jewish Women’s Funding Network — $5,000

JWF Pittsburgh participates in a collaborative grant with 14 other JWF funds from around the country. This is the first of a two-year grant to a coalition of “on the ground” feminist organizations in Israel.  It focuses on the status of contract female Israeli workers, who are ineligible for many state benefits, such as social security, and are often paid at lower wages.

Hillel Academy – $5,000

Girl’s Computer Science Initiative; Hillel Academy has created a curriculum with a targeted approach to spark female students’ interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math).  This will impact all girls in grades K through 12. 

Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh – $20,000

A yearlong sponsorship of the Holocaust Center’s Year of Women and the Holocaust

NCJW/Center for Women – $75,000

The final Signature Grant payment to the National Council of Jewish Women for the Center for Women. 

NCJW/Center for Women – $5,000

Program Evaluation; support to develop a stronger program evaluation process, enabling a better assessment of how the programs at the Center for Women are improving the lives of its clients.

Tzohar Seminary – $2,500

Tzohar Arts Integration; supporting young Orthodox women spending a gap year teaching and working with younger students, using a curriculum that blends Judaic studies and spirituality with creative and artistic learning and expression.

Yeshiva Girls School – $10,000

Healthy Women: Financial, Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-Being; a continuation of a JWF’s investment in the school’s STEM curriculum;  a pilot program that adds coding and robotics.



General Community Grants & Contributions

Allegheny Health Network – $10,000

Women’s Behavioral Health Childcare Program; Lack of childcare or costs related to childcare are the biggest barriers to obtaining mental health treatment for women facing post-partum depression. This grant addresses that barrier by providing on-site childcare at no or low cost to allow new mothers to continue their treatment plan.

Angels’ Place – $10,000

Program Expansion; supporting the mission of assisting at-risk single parents, primarily mothers, on their path to economic security. 

Center of Life – $2,500

Mindfulness and Meditation for the Most Vulnerable; a program that teaches young, at-risk women alternative stress reducing techniques to reduce the likelihood of their engaging in destructive behaviors.

Girls Write Pittsburgh – $5,000

Weekly Workshops; supporting the expansion into two additional locations:  Allentown and Garfield.

HEARTH – $5,000

A Safe Place Matters; supporting the mission to empower homeless families to become independent, self-sufficient and adequately housed. 

Injured Officers Fund — $2,500

A fund set up to assist the officers injured during the attack on October 27, 2018 at Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha, Dor Hadash and New Light congregations.

Planned Parenthood – $5,000

Peer Helpers Program – Westinghouse High School; a teen pregnancy and school completion program designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills and self-efficacy to avoid sexual risk behaviors and complete school. 

Ruth’s Way – $10,000

The Life Skills Just For Girls Program; program to provide a safe space for young at-risk women to discuss issues that are key to their success including healthy relationships, high self-esteem, recognizing signs of abuse, managing personal finances and proper behavior in professional environments.

SETpoint – $4,300

Be a FORCE – Building Foundations of Respect, Confidence, and Empowerment;  funds used to develop additional training tools to illustrate situational awareness, patterns of behavioral escalation and de-escalation techniques and basic physical resistance strategies. > view site

Three Rivers Rowing – $5,000

First Row; program focuses specifically on personal growth as it pertains to self-esteem, healthy living habits and the importance of challenging social norms.

Women’s Law Project – $5,000

Exposing and Uprooting Gender Disparities in the Carceral State; supporting work to improve the treatment of incarcerated women in prison and girls in juvenile justice detention facilities, creating awareness of the gender-linked issues facing them. 




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